What different types of packaging materials are there?

There are different types of packaging materials and different items hold different properties. Different types of packaging materials are as follows:


Plastic packing is one of the most common packaging materials. It is hard to dispose. The properties which are loveable and are common in all plastics is that it is light weighted, cheap to create and strong. Plastic packaging can be used as an alternative to a cardboard glass packaging material.


Metal packaging is suitable for packing food, drinks and beers. It contains a tin plate which is hard and solid and a heavy steel cover in order to protect the item against rust. Aluminum is light weighted and lives for a long period of time. Mostly the food items cans and the plates are made up of aluminum.

Brick Carton

Brick carton is light weighted and are air tight packaging material similar to polystyrene balls. Brick carton is ideal for transporting storage. The complex making make it difficult to recycle. It is getting popular among people now days. Brick Carton is made up of several layers of paper aluminum and plastic. It is hard to recycle. Normally brick cartons are used for keeping drinks, juice and milk.